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How Negative Feedback Brings Success

How Negative Feedback Brings Success

How many times have you feared being told you did something wrong? Most people dread negative feedback, but there is a silver lining to this: greater success in the future. While receiving negative feedback is never pleasant, it allows you to learn, grow and show your improvement to your employer. If you were never made aware of your shortcomings, you would have no reason to try and improve upon your skills. When getting negative feedback, it is important to be interested in resolving the issue by asking questions. Also, it is critical to avoid getting angry or defensive because odds are, your boss has a good reason for speaking with you. Instead, take your failings as a lesson and learn from them. Simply put, take any negative feedback you receive and turn it into a learning opportunity. How do you handle negative feedback?

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Stop Managing and Start Leading

Stop Managing and Start Leading

When we think about leadership we think in simple terms that a leader is somebody who people follow or that they guide or direct others. Some define leadership as organizing a group of people to achieving a common goal. When I think of a leader I think about what a true leader is about.

What are some factors for sustaining a long running business?

Leaders are responsible for all the factors of the business, understanding everything from the customers and the markets to developing a strategy for the organization.

They also provide the vision, inspiration, and the direction to attract and motivate others to be successful. Leaders also create the infrastructure in which the organization can succeed.

The real essence of leadership can be summarized in three themes:

  • A clear and compelling vision
  • The power to translate that vision into reality
  • Ability to rally people behind that vision

We have to understand that even if there is a clear vision, without the power to translate that vision into reality, that person is not a real leader. Translating a vision into reality has to do with the ability to motivate and gaining the support of others and channeling their efforts into a common direction. Leadership is about vision and relationships.

I read this in the Wall Street Journal and it really sums it up I believe. We all have the ability to be leaders.

"People don't want to be managed. They want to be lead. Whoever heard of a world manager? World leader, yes. Educational leader. Political leader. Religious leader. Community leader. Labor leader. Business leader. They lead. They don't manage. The carrot always wins over the stick. Ask your horse. You can lead your horse to water but you can't manage him to drink. If you want to manage somebody, manage yourself. Do that well and you'll be ready to stop managing and start leading."