About CT Leadership

We Work To Bring You The Best In Business Solutions

Our Company

CT Leadership is focused on creating customized leadership training and education that target specific business strategic needs such as decision-making and high performance leadership.

Our Mission

Our vision is to be the most essential company with the capability of providing leading edge tools and coaching techniques to improve your business.

Our Passion

To serve our clients by providing the highest quality professional services that address their business issues.

Andre Owens

CEO & Founder
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Andre Owens, President and Founder at CT Leadership Training and Development LLC is a Certified Master Trainer and qualified facilitator with over 23 years of background experience in leadership management, effective communication and organizational team development.

Andre believes in the processes that enable businesses “Opportunity Growth” through the skills for High Performance teamwork and leadership development. As a United States Army Veteran of 21 years, he delivers a charismatic approach to coaching and training business executives and managers on specific topics that enhance professional growth, critical thinking, and leadership development.

As the founder of TC Leadership Training and Development, Andre truly believes in the implementation and continuation of professional growth and improved performance within the business communities through processes identified in Master Mind Groups. This type of group is unique and critical in the success of any business entity, and has the ability to allow its professional members the opportunity to discuss “what they want” out of business and “why they don’t have it” to include developing a strategic “plan of action”.

Andre currently resides in Killeen, Texas with his wife Marika Owens. He has a phenomenal ability to communicate and articulate his inspiration to help others in order to obtain positive results. Andre has a very outgoing personality that thrives on particular success triggers that are applied to motivate him and others to accomplish personal and professional goals.